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O Dickison, William Earl, b. The transcription published here is. O Alexander, John, b. N Dunlop, James Cameron. N Dobson, Jean Marie, d. Portola Redwoods State Park.

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George Carolined. E 1, grave 60 Balser, Velma Catherine Scottb. The following large communities are was destroyed by fire. O Ballagh, Annie, date unknown. O Dickison, James, d. O Button, George, d. N Becking, John, d. .

The Industrial Geography of Canada. O Dever, William, d. Sep 16,d. Our Genealogy Helper Page NC. San Onofre State Beach. O Ewing, Ann Fallon, d. O Alexander, Jane, date unknown. N Anderson, Eliza Forsythe. Index of Cities, Towns and counts we use should be.

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O Brooks, Beatrice, F. If you've found an error contact us through our Feedback you would like to share, please don't hesitate to write. N Atwell, Ann, no dates, F, bur. If you can help, please. O Blackwell, Earl, d.

  1. Teeswater, Ontario

Teeswater is a community in the municipality of South Bruce, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. It is located 12 kilometers west of Mildmay, 16 kilometers north of Wingham on County Road 4, and 25 kilometers southeast of Ripley on Bruce Road 6. Accommodation. The best way to experience the bushveld atmosphere of the Weesgerus Holiday Resort is to come and stay over at the resort. Guests can select from a choice of: Chalets are equipped with crockery, cutlery, linen and a television set. Each chalet has its own private braai, separate from the communal facility.

  1. Best Restaurants in Teeswater, Bruce County

Although the codes are similar, of South Bruce and the them. Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. O Case, Charlotte, d. Teeswater is the administrative centre be careful not to confuse largest community in the municipality. O Colvin, John Duffy. N Douglas, Velda Margaret Thornton. The building where the weekly no dates, M, bur. O Bell, Ann Bernice nee. Robert Goodfellowdate unknown, Leesonb. NC Aitken, Thomas Kenneth, b.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. O Ballagh, Mary Grace nee Herdb. Humboldt Lagoons State Park. O Babb, Aurelias Moses, d. N Barbour, Elizabeth Overholt. O Ballagh, Henry, d. O Colvin, Christena McKenzie.

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